Sunday, May 20, 2007

Wholemeal Soya Noodles with Wakame & Crabsticks

To my horror, there wasnt anything on the kitchen table when i woke up this morning. Hubby has a lunch appointment today, so that means if i dont cook, there wont be anyhting to eat, lol. MIL bought some Wholemeal soya noodles and told me to try them out. OK, so cook them i will have to :)

Wholemeal Soya Noodles

I prepared two noodle seasoning from Oyster Sauce and Sesame Oil. Took 3 noodles out as i'm cooking for both Gordon and myself and 2 is definitely not enough. Ah hah.... found crabsticks in the freezer and put 4 to the pot.... mmmm

Took out a handful of Wakame, neh... those seaweed found in your Miso soup leh, and cooked them for a while to soften the texture. Not too long or they'll turn gooey, blekkk. Has a slightly bitter taste to it. Slightly only, k. Definitely palatable.

And, TADAAAAAAAA...... See.... breakfast Brunch for Two. As for Malcolm, he had breastmilk for breakfast, then Organic Rice cereal for lunch and i also cooked him porridge with carrots and tomatoes today. He can have that for tea and dinner.

It's another Lazy Sunday for me. Gonna knit for the whole day. To find out what project i'm on now, head over to Fibre Art to check out Orange Blouse in Katia Perla - Progress 1. And yes, the Sony Pouch kautim di..... TATA!!!

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Cocka Doodle said...

Oh! that reminds me....

*pop 5 capsules of wakame...wash down with beer*

Ok, taken my dosage liao.