Monday, May 21, 2007

PAYjr Visa Buxx

Kids and parents alike will like what i am about to share. As a parent, sometimes, it's hard to get kids to help out with household chores. Take my sis for example. She has a maid, and asking her teenage daughter to take the laundry in or do the dishes will always turn into a major argument and tearful episode. As for her kid, she'll ask for monetary compensation for doing "work", lolz. This is TODAY'S KIDS!!! Live with it!!!

I think she'll find the PAYjr Visa Buxx which was just featured on CBS Evening News with Katie Couric this past Thursday may be the answer to her headache. PAYjr is a chore and allowance system for kids and a prepaid teen card for teens 13 and up. This program is an educational tool to teach teens how to budget, earn, and spend money responsibily. It also provides parental controls and the first ever "Design Your Own Card" for teens.

I bet with this program, her daughter will finish all her chores in a jiffy, and without anymore complaints. Personally, i feel that financial education should start from young. And with a prepaid card, it's easier to track expenses as her daughter can see where and how her money is spent.

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