Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Shall we buy a poker table?

Most of the houses we saw at new housing development projects are now 2 1/2 storey 5+1 bedrooms units. Really really big. This is the trend now. I have a small family of 4, and both my baby and toddler still sleep with me. I know that even if we were to buy such a big house, we wont be able to fully utilise all the rooms until they are bigger and want to sleep in their own rooms. I guess they will be for the next few years or so.

Now, let me see if we were to invest in such a house, what am i to do with so many rooms for the time being? I cant leave them empty and locked up, right. The two bedrooms on the ground floor will most likely be the maid's room (if i were to have a live-in maid) and study. The 1st floor normally consists of 3 bedrooms; one very spacious master bedroom facing the front of the house, and two smaller ones at the back portion. These smaller rooms will be the playroom for my kids. The other, i'll most likely turn into a hobby room for my knitting until my elder kid wants to sleep there on his own.

That leaves the room on the top level. What can i do with it? It's almost the same size as the spacious master bedroom. Hubby says he wants to turn it into an entertainment centre, complete with huge plasma tv and a great sound system. We once went to a friend's place where he placed a poker table up there. It's an Expandable Texas Hold'em Poker Table + 4 Chairs which he bought from cardroomsupply.com. Of course there are many more different kinds of poker tables there. But since the room is big, he prefers one that can seat many and yet, wont take up much space when it's not in use.

Hmmm, a good idea too. We play poker every year during Chinese New Year. I think it'll be great if the men can play their game in private without being disturbed on a proper poker table with comfortable matching chairs. They can lock the room up so that the kids wont get inside and disturb the peace whilst they're playing. It says there on the website that it seats 6, but can accomodate 8 persons when it's fully expanded. So, how many chairs am i supposed to buy? Gotta check with hubby on that.

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L B said...

This is a GOOD sponsored post! I was almost enthralled!!!

Samm said...

Wahhh... so i take it as a rare compliment for a sponsored post coming from you?? Lidat, had better go buy 4d lohhh.... 5899 issit????