Monday, May 28, 2007

PixelProtector for LCD tv

Day 3 of 16

It's the greatest horriday of all. For starters, Gordon showed signs of a flu on Saturday. Now, Malcolm & i caught it inevitably. Both having runny nose. Havent heardmalcolm coughing yet, but Gordon's getting bad; especially at night. And i'm sporting a constant headache, blehhhhhhh.

Anyway, there was banking to do today. No choice but to take the both of them out. As usual, we went to Parkson for lunch. Cos i wanted to test out my new toy's wifi connection, lol. And yes!!!!! IT WORKS!!!!! YAY!!!! Still havent guessed what i bought over the weekend? It shall be revealed later.

I wanted to go check out those new Samsung LCD tvs. I'm eyeing the 32" Samsung LA32R81B. Hubby says the 40" one will be much better, if i want to hook the pc and the Playstation3 to it. Who cares lah what size it is as long as i dont have to pay for it. But i heard that LCD tvs are prone to dead pixels and screen burns..... geeee.

Someone told me that if iwere to buy a large LCD tv, it's best that i get the PixelProtector™ DVD. It's a tool for removing screen burn, fixing stuck pixels and correctly calibrating the screen for optimal performance. It also fixes bad picture quality. Makes sense also. If i were to spend so much on the LCD tv, i might as well get the DVD too.

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