Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Mystery of my new toy UNVEILED!!!!

Day 5 of 16

I spent the better part of yesterday home, nursing a headache. All of us are somewhat sick lah. Gordon wanted to play with the computer and i let him have it. No mood to blog also. I tended to a clingy Malcolm in bed, knitting a row here and there. But most of time, i played with my new toy, lol.

YESS!!! I bought the Sony PSP last Saturday, in BLEKKKK.... wearing a purple suit, lolz. Misti, not a knitted pouch for my N73!!!! I was actually looking for Mario cartridges for the Gameboy but ended up with this instead. Hubby didnt want me nor Gordon to squint into the Gameboy's tiny screen.

Comes with an ori game but the shop owner installed six more for me onto the 2Gb memorystick..... SYIOKKKK!!! This Sony PSP has tons of accessories. I think if i were to buy them all, sure go pokkai faster. Hubby wants the dunnowat GPS thingy but according to the shop, it doesnt work here yet. But will keep us informed once it does.

I didnt get to play with it on Sunday and Monday as both hubby and Gordon pwned it; what's new. Cheh, i paid, but didnt get to play.... niamah. But i can tell you, the 4.3" screen ROCKS!!!! I've transferred an image taken with my Sony Cybershot T100 and it looks fantastic on the PSP. Gonna choose a nice one for the wallpaper.

Havent figured out why the videos wouldnt play though. Both also Sony mah. Wifi works. Tried it at Kopitiam Junction at Parkson. But the one at Black Canyon cannot wan??? Or maybe i did not set the new connection correctly. Geeee.... now i want to go download more games. Gonna need bigger harddisk soon if that's the case!!!!


may said...

so THAT's your new toy!! waaa!! so the purple-purple tei!! I'm not a PSP, nor PS2, nor PS3, or Xbox, or any of those fans... but I can understand your joy... ;-)

dorischua said...

Wah... so cool one ah... what's next? LOL.

shoppingmum said...

Wah, purple!!! I only look at the colour. :P

L B said...

I can wet my pants just looking at it too. Gimme diapers, fast!

mistipurple said...

purple!!!!!! kill me now!!!!!