Thursday, May 31, 2007

Back to my mom's place

Day 6 of 16

I went back tomy mom's house yesterday. All his cousins are home, so, Gordon wont be lonely. He had a great time playing with their toys and running up and down the staircase. My brother's elder boy is sick. But when i asked him to go dig the PSP from inside my knitting bag..... VOILA!!!! NO MORE SICK LORRRR.... where got sick, lolz.

I let him play with it for dunno how many hours. Malcolm took an hour to warm up to the environment and i sat in the living hall knitting away. It's considered half work and half leisure-pleasure now, cos now i have niche ads-free knitting blog mah. And oh-so-therapeutic.

I called my sis over to my mom's place. She dropped by and we chatted away. Her son will be starting University in July and the daughter is still awaiting news. Good luck, hoh. But if kena Sabah/Sarawak, wakakakakakakaka.... i laff till die *wicked aunt cackling away*

Back home, bathed the kids, gave them dinner and packed them off to bed. Me, i made a knitting mistake and spent the rest of the night undoing and reknitting it. I'm starting on the armholes and collar now. Gonna finish soon and on to the next. No idea what it'll be. Till then :)


Health Freak Mommy said...

Samm... u r really keng. Where do u find d time to write so many paid & non-paid posts, take care of 2 boys + 1 big boy and also have time to knit? Hat off 2 u.

L B said...

Knit something for the PSP? Or me? Choose!

mistipurple said...

kakaka. don't mix up the holes for the head and arms when you're knitting! :P