Friday, March 23, 2007

Win a Pearl Necklace Sweepstakes

I was out shopping this afternoon. Passed by a jewellery shop only to make a u-turn back to the glass window display. I saw the most beautiful pearl necklace on display there; almost similar to the one my mom wore on her wedding day. It's like screaming at me, "BUY ME... BUY ME.... BUY ME.... TAKE ME HOME WITH YOU!!!!!" Sigh..... so exquisite, so beautiful, and yes.... SO EXPENSIVE.

Reluctantly, i walked away. Thinking of it the whole time as i walked around the mall. In fact, i'm still thinking of it until now. I told my friend about it over IM just now and she told me that i can Win a Pearl Necklace Sweepstakes at thought she was just pulling my leg and was teasing me. But curiosity got the better of me and i went and check it out anyway.

And YES!!!! It's true. All i need to do is to sign up for's coupon alerts and i will be entered for a chance to win this lovely piece of jewelry. *GASP* What have i got tolose, you tell me. I'm off now. You'd better hurry too if you want this necklace as desperately as i do :)

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