Friday, March 23, 2007

AutoCity101.Com Launches To Help Children

I still see car magazines strewn all over the house. Hubby havent found his dream car yet. Aighhh, i've told him many times that it's really difficult to flip through tons of magazines. Sometimes, he forgets that some of the magazines are already out-dated. When he call up the Used Cars For Sale dealer, only to be told that he car he found's been sold.

A friend told us to check out AutoCity101.Com, a Free Car Classifieds website with a twist. While all other websites providing the same service are out for personal monetary gain, is here to make a difference to the world! They've created this used car selling and buying tool as a way to raise funds for the building of an orphanage network that will begin in Mexico and one day expand worldwide.

Their goal is to use the profits from this site and develop this network! Do check out the website to find out more about this wonderful campaign to help children. Wow, it's not everyday that we get to buy something and yet, contribute to a good cause. I've seen the selection of cars that they have on the site and i've also told hubby about it. I hope he finds his dream car soon. I'm sick of picking up magazines from the floor.

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