Saturday, March 10, 2007

We need more manpower

We were happy that one of our managers managed to secure a project that we've been bidding for last week. It was hard work, but worth all the effort. More jobs, more profit. But last week, two of our programmers were hospitalised. Now, we're quite bogged down with mso much on hand and not enough manpower.

I complained to my director for the second time yesterday that if we do not hire some freelance programmers to help out with our project, we'll never make it in itme for the handover. I told him that Elance is the online marketplace for services on five core service categories – Programming, Design, Websites, Writing and Business Consulting – just what our business needs. They've been in this business for so long and i'm sure, they are able to provide us with the quality of services needed to complete the project on time.

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