Saturday, March 10, 2007 - Treatment Referral Service

Caleb mixed with the wrong company when his parents divorced. His father left the country and his mother had to work day and night supporting his three other siblings and didnt have the time to give him much attention nor explain to him their decision to divorce. His mother thought that he's big enough to understand why they had to live separate lives.

Caleb's confused and had no one to turn. So, he turned to drugs to ease his sorrows. His addiction worsened by the day and he can no longer function well at work. He knew he needed help to conquer his drug problem. A friend of who went through a same drug addiction problem helped him through this difficult phase of his life.

Told him to check himself into a drug rehab center. He found him a drug rehab through a Treatment Referral Service website, They have many compassionate and knowledgeable counselors to help him out. Wanting to get his life back on track, Caleb did as advised. After going through a program, he's now more in control of his life and vowed never to do drug anymore.


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