Monday, March 05, 2007

Team Link Network

I've just come across a new and interesting affiliate program, Team Link Network, that lets you make some extra money by placing ads on your website. It works by placing some HTML codes onto your site. You get paid 25% of the proceeds when someone clicks on your affliate banner on your site and buys ads. You can even earn up to 50% of the proceeds if you want to place advertisers' banners or ads on your site. Now, that's easy, right. You've got nothing to lose. So, check out Team Link Network Press release below for more information.

Press Release:

A new approach to online ad sales offers webmasters a virtually effortless method of earning money from their Web sites. In addition, Team Link Network (TLN) offers people looking to market their products and services, through viral marketing and online advertising, an affordable way to expand their reach. "We're very excited to be offering what we consider a win-win-win opportunity," said Stephanie McInturff, TLN marketing director. It's a 'win' for webmasters who only want to sign up for our affiliate program; it's a 'win' for webmasters looking to make money by selling ad space on their sites, and it's a 'win' for advertisers who are looking for an extremely affordable method of placing their ads on many different sites." TLN programmers spent more than a year working on the software designed to assist webmasters with the placement of ads on their websites, while at the same time giving them control over what content is placed on their sites. "We designed the software specifically to give webmasters control of what goes on their site," McInturff said. "It's the website owner's right to decide on the content of the ads, and our system preserves that right." Site owners who are looking to generate revenue from an affiliate program can earn hundreds of dollars per month, she said. "We pay affiliates a flat 25 percent of every sale, and we pay it fast," McInturff said. "We intend to raise the bar on paying affiliates by paying every week. In addition, this is a program that allows affiliates to earn money on two tiers.” For the advertiser, the cost to place an ad is affordable, she said. "We're offering advertisers a base promotional package of 50 links on related, themed-sites for only $50, which is a great bargain," said McInturff. "For advertisers with special needs, we will work with them through our vast network to meet their needs." TLN offers text link ads, graphic ads, content-hosted pages, and blog postings, which is the hottest thing going right now," McInturff said. TLN Bonus Feature TLN also offers a unique recruiting tool that presents affiliates an opportunity to make an additional $1,360. "Affiliates are offered the opportunity to join small communities, known as boards, and as the community grows each affiliate is paid $1,360 as a bonus,” she said. "This is also a 'win' situation for everyone involved. The affiliate earns more and the network grows, creating more opportunities for the advertisers. Everybody's happy."


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