Monday, March 05, 2007

How to select a good claypot

I followed my MIL out to buy a claypot yesterday. She wanted to make claypot chicken rice. Whilst waiting for her to select her claypot, i had a conversation with the shop owner's wife. I asked her on how to choose a good claypot and her's what i found out:

1) The insides must be smooth and glazed so that food doesnt stick to it easily.
2) Make sure the sides are thick enough to keep the steam inside in order for food to remain moist and succulent when cooked.
3) Check for tiny hairline cracks. If not, pot will not hold under long cooking hours.

A point to note is remember to soak the new claypot in water overnight. This is to prevent cracks and helps the pot release steam into the food during cooking.

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L B said...

Can't wait for Kali Kai Bun, and Kali Kow Bun! And the Best Lormaikai in IPOH!