Sunday, March 11, 2007

Slimming tea and kidney failure alert

Many ladies i know like to drink slimming tea to help with their weight management. Also thanks to those tv ads that makes it sounds so safe and convenient too. Tell me, how many of you actually find out about the safety of the product before you take it. Chances are you never. If it's on national tv or newspaper, you think it's safe. Well, think again. You may want to look out for an ingredient called aristocholic acid on the label. It has been blamed for kidney failure.

Check out the article Danger in Slimming Tea in yesterday's The Star

IPOH: If you are drinking slimming tea, check whether it contains aristocholic acid on the label as it has been blamed for kidney failure.

Ipoh Hospital’s consultant nephrologist Dr Teo Sue Mei said the substance, which was found in most slimming teas, had been found to have caused kidney failure.

“The acid can cause the scarring of kidneys which can lead to kidney damage,” she told reporters after the launching of the state-level World Kidney Day at the Ipoh Hospital on Thursday.

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