Friday, March 09, 2007

Shall i move to Winter Park?

I think we've had enough of our nosy SILs nonsense. It's time we seriously think of moving out. better still, migrate to a faraway place so that we'll never ever meet any of them; EVER!!! Because belief you me, sooner or later, i wont be able to contain my cool, and then all these little tiffs will turn into one big ugly scene.

I dont mind where we move to, but the most important thing is it must have good schools for our children to get a solid education. Well-meaning friends told us that places like Winter Park, located just north of down town Orlando is a wonderful city with a small town feel. It's rich in culture and famous for the town center on Park Avenue. And it has the best schools around.

Apart from that, it has plenty of shops from national retails, to unique boutiques, and an assortment of restaurants. I think it's a good time to invest in Winter Park real estate now. Sounds like a great place to live in. With good schools and so many shops to keep me busy, what more can i ask for?

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