Saturday, March 10, 2007

Printable birthday greeting cards

I was going through some old boxes when i found those Valentine Cards and Birthday greeting Cards that i've received from hubby over the years. My, so many of them. Well, of course, we've been together for so many years. Not once did he forget to send me a card. But since the day we bought our computer, i've not received any of these physical cards anymore. I only ever get e-cards, lol.

I heard that now, there's a new way to personalize your affections on One-of-a-Kind Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards at They give you the option to upload your photo, email, print at home and order professionally printed cards. We can customize our cards by turning our own photos and heartfelt words into one-of-a-kind Valentines.

We can also choose from dozens of art cards, from the silly to the sublime. Isnt it fast, creative and affordable. We can print them out right at home. I'm going to order some printable birthday greeting cards for my family. So many upcoming birthdays next month.

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