Monday, March 05, 2007

Personal Injury Lawyer

My dad's friend was involved in a car accident last year. And to his surprise, although he knew that his friend filed for compensation shortly after the accident, till now he's still waiting for his claim. It's been so long and sad to say, he's in financial difficulties now as he's unable to work since his accident. And whenever he call up his company's lawyer, they told him they are working on it.

My dad got angry and recommended him a seattle personal injury attorney, who's helped many people like him get compensated in the shortest amount of time. He did as advised and he was glad that they really did a good job for him. His claim came back in less than a month. They handle serious accident and injury cases and wrongful death cases. If you've been been seriously injured in an accident and need a personal injury lawyer or attorney, do check out their website,, for more information.


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