Monday, March 05, 2007

My search for a disposable car

I'm in the market for a car. I only use it to ferry Gordon to school which is a few streets away. Apart from that, maybe go gai-gai or visit my mom/friends once in a bluemoon. Most of the time, i'll leave the car parked outside the house as i'm too lazy to park it inside the house compound. Best if it's under Rm50k.

From what i see, i dont much choice here if i were to buy a NEW car. MyVi (full spec 1.3 Ezi) not bad, hoh. I like it in green. For a minimum downpayment of Rm5k, i can have the car for either Rm680/month for a 7yr loan or Rm890/month for a 5yr loan. Since it's already so cheap, i can get rid of it easily without losing much later on also, hoh.

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Kok said...

Hi, just hop here from sasha's blog. Hmm...The last sentence of this post caught my attention though. Actually, nowadays, second hand car's price keep dropping. After you buy a new car and thinking to sell it even after one year of using. You might lose few thousands Ringgit. My two cents of advice would be to buy a better car which is worth your money, then use it until the car cannot work anymore. If not, you'll have to be prepared for losing some amount of money when you intend to sell of the car later. Anyway, hope you'll get a car you want. :)