Thursday, March 01, 2007

No more worries???

I read somewhere that speech delay in toddlers is hereditary. I asked hubby and he says that it runs in his family. He's a slow learner for a start. But then, he's damn smart now. According to my MIL, my SIL also didnt start to talk until she was 5??? HARRRRH???

My own brother also doesnt talk much when he was a kid. Until neighbours and friends asked my mom to take him to the doctor for assessment. He's also damn smart now and make tons of money. So, i think i dont have to worry about Gordon's speech progress??

I noticed since he started schooling, he's also more talkative. Although still unintelligible, he does try to communicate with me more. Well, time will tell. All i can do now is wait and see and try to encourage him to speak more.

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sweetpea said...

aidan has the same problem. he's been to a speech pathologist and also early intervention programme, without much improment. going to a developmental paed. and hope to get an answer once and for all. looks like both our sons can let us goyang kaki in our prime age?
and also, u've been tagged ler.