Thursday, March 01, 2007

Beautiful Stylish Furniture


When we redecorated our house recently, we wanted to change all our existing furniture. But then, my in-laws said no. They bought all those furniture and therefore, those are here to stay; FOR GOOD. So now, even though the whole house is all nicely done up, we're still stuck with those old couches and coffee tables, blehhh.

I told hubby that when we get our own house next time, I want to be in charge of procuring the furniture. I found lots of Stylish furniture at at Very different from what we have right now. From living room sets, bedroom furniture, kitchen tables and chairs, and even kids furniture. All very stylish and modern. Dont just take my word for it. You have to check the website out for yourself.


Justin said...

I like to choose modern style home furniture!! Thanks for the link!!

Andry said...

Spacify has a great selection of modern Italian Furniture for your home.