Friday, March 09, 2007

Look younger with whiter teeth

My FIL spends more than 15 minutes on brushing his teeth each alone every morning. He'll sit on a chair and lean over on the sink as he brushes them. When i asked him why he takes so long to brush them, he told me that they'll become whiter and he'll look younger than his 65 years if he brush them longer. HARH???? How ignorant can he be.

It's true that whiter teeth is a non-invasive and economical way to make one look younger. But, that cannot be achieved by brushing alone. You need to get those unattractive yellow and brown stains removed by a dental professional. Dental professionals have developed several techniques for eliminating discoloration to give their patients brighter, more attractive smiles. These techniques include; chemical whitening (bleaching), microabrasion (mild acid whitening), abrasive tooth brightening and the latest technique, laser tooth whitening.

I think all celebrities have their teeth whitened at some point of their career. I want to find a dentist and have mine whitened too. Who doesnt want to have an attractive set of teeth. I'd do anything to look younger ;)


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