Saturday, March 10, 2007

I got some car rental coupons

When i first heard from my friend that she gets 25% cash back on her shopping bill, i laughed. I thought she was pulling my leg. Since when do shop pays us back a fraction of what we give them. I consider myself lucky for not getting ripped off once in a while. That was until she showed me how she does it at Ebates. Told me all i needed was an email address to access more than 800 stores through Ebates. And membership is free!

Boy, i'm glad she showed me how to save on my purchases. You know what, i tried it out for myself and got some car rental coupons. These will come in handy when we go for our holiday next week. Hubby's gonna like it very much. With the money saved, we can spend it on some holiday gifts for our friends and family members.

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