Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Holidays are stressful

Time management is actually easier when Gordon is in school. At least i know i have 12 to 4pm all to myself. Like now, i havent really rested since last Friday. Been up all day till 3 to 4am every single day. And it's only Wednesday. Both kids are getting more and more demanding as the days goes by. So much so that i dont even have mood to write paid reviews. Hired help is out of the question for the time being till we move our ass out of this place. Foot want to broach on this subject anymore, sienn...

Like now, Malcolm is asleep right on top of me. Gordon's batteries finally ran out. The room's in complete darkness and i'm punching words on my phone. I had a downright shitty day the whole day. I think in all i've cleaned up poo more than 5 times just today alone. Gordon had too much milk and poo-ed in the bedroom making a huge mess in the process. So, you can in ahead and imagine his shock and the amount of cleaning up that i have to do. My mind's really too numb to think of anything now. I can only lie down and blog from my bed.

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