Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Daily grind

This is just a run down of things i've done since i woke up at 9.13am:

1) Breastfed Malcolm in bed
2) Malcolm pooed right after nen, cleaned his bum and changed him into fresh clothing
3) Milk for Gordon
4) Made American Ginseng Tea for hubby
5) Brush teeth, put on contacts, wash face (with Organic cleansing milk, of cos)
6) Turned pc, tv and DVD on
7) Made Gordon's bed
8) Load windows with password, launched Firefox and opened at least 10 tabs
9) Did 1 or issit 2 paid post, checked 5 email accounts, pc blah, blah, blahs
10) Hubby woke up and i made our bed
11) Was handed a file for some real-life office work
12) Malcolm wanted another feed and i nursed him as i multitasked at the computer table
13) Gordon pooed, i put Malcolm who's asleep during his feed onto the bed and took him to the bathroom for his bath
14) Scanned 5 documents and emailed them for hubby who ngam-ngam-chum-chum-ed in the background saying how come i still havent done that for him ( niasinggg... imake him Ginseng Tea first thing in the morning and he grumbled at me... dont drink!!)
15) Prepared brunch for both Gordon and myself
16) Ate as i worked at the pc, feeding Gordon simultaneously
17) Gordon wanted more milk and i got him another cup
18) Malcolm woke up, pooed and i changed him again
19) Changed 1 DVD and 3 Vcds since i turned them on
20) Walked in and out of the roomlike 300 times already..... boy... i'm sleepy now!!!!

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Ah Pek said...

get Indon maid lah, woi.