Sunday, March 18, 2007

Fashionable Aviator Sunglasses

I bought my first pair of Aviator sunglasses when i was 18. I just graduated from high school and was working part-time. Bought it with my very first paycheck. It was a pair of Ray-Ban. Those days, it was THE sunglass to wear; and VERY expensive. Nearly everyone i knew then owns one. So, how can i be without one.

It's good to know that Aviator Sunglasses are back in fashion now, and so so affordable. Unlike those days when i had to use my whole paycheck to get one. If you to follow up on celebrities gossips and fashion, you'll find that a lot of them are wearing Aviator Sunglasses too. The bigger, the better, and in all colors too.

If you dont already own one, you'd better surf over to and check out their latest range of Aviator Sunglasses. With prices so low, you can buy a few for yourself and some as gifts too. Dont leave home without a pair of sunglasses. Besides being fashion accessories, they shield your eyes from the harmful sunrays. Oh, i'm getting long-winded here. Just check the site out and grab a few pairs for yourself :)

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