Sunday, March 18, 2007

Acupuncture for my backache

I've seen a few doctors regarding my backache. Been having this pain in the lower right side of my back for months already. If i'm not wrong, since my baby was born about 8 months back. They either recommend putting me on medication or injecting me with painkillers to help ease the pain. No way. Some of them referred me to chiropractors, who arent of much help either at the end of the day.

My sis asked me to try acupuncture to help with my backache. She tried it before and it helped her backache a lot. And it's also very effective for pain management. I can see that many people are opting for alternative healing methods like acupuncture nowadays. Me, as long as it's alternative medicine, i'll give it a try. I prefer a more holistic approach as fas as my health is concerned.

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