Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Ecotourism in Hawaii

Rainy season really makes a person feel down all the time. Everyday when I step out of the house, the sky’s all dark and gloomy and the streets are wet. I cant even get my laundry done in this kind of weather. It’s very depressing having to stay indoors all the time and watch TV.

One of our TV station is running an old show, Hawaii 5-O. So, here I am, sitting in my living room watching people vacationing in Hawaii, basking under the hot sun, absorbing all the sunlight with breeze blowing in their hair. I was chatting with my friend on MSN just now over how deplorable the weather is when he invited me to go for a vacation.

When he asked me where I’d like to go, the first place that cropped up is Hawaii. Must have been watching too much Hawaii 5-O, lol. He said he’ll arrange the bookings with Kauai Ecotourism Vacation Rentals, a local agency that hand-picks their properties and offers first class service, while minimising damage to the spectacles of nature on Kauai and the other Hawaiian islands. I cant wait to pack my bags now. Look forward to more updates when i come back from my holiday, ya :)

Pretty much anyone would enjoy some fun ski vacations. There are tons of fun family trips to go on with family and friends like vacation Hawaii or even Hawaii vacation packages. Its nice to be able to go on a trip in the sun or enjoy other events on a vacation and get away from everyday life.

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