Thursday, March 08, 2007

Cannot put him on the floor and let him cry meh???

Hubby likes to carry Malcolm. And everytime he does that, we have an argument. Me, as soon as i get up in the morning, will walk in and out of the room non-stop until Gordon goes to school at 12pm. He, on the other hand, likes to "hand Malcolm over to me" whenever he has to leave the room or dunno go do what lah, saying he'll cry if he puts him down on the floor.

I will always ask him to put Malcolm down on the floor everytime he wants to hand him over. And everytime, he'll insist i carry him. How can i when i have so much to do. If i were to list them down one by one, it'll fill this whole page. Even if i do take Malcolm from him, i'll still put him down on the floor, and the fler will still cry. See, it'll never end.

Until yesterday, i had to ask him why we had to get into this same stupid argument over the same old matter every single day until i also tu9lan. These are just some of the times i feel like kicking him in the arse, knn....

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