Monday, February 26, 2007

Plastic Surgery Information

A girlfriend of mine, after watching far too many seasons of Niptuck, is contemplating going under the surgeon's knife. When she came back to visit us last weekend, she told us that she wants her breasts augmented. She's already a Cup-C. With a slim figure, she looks very good in her dresses. Apparently, she wanted more cleavage without having to wear those push-up bras to make her look as though she’s an E-cup.

She also complained about her bulging tummy. Says she cant seem to get rid of it even though it’s been years since she gave birth to her daughter and even said that liposuction will take care of it once and for all. Come on, it’s only a tiny bulge. Hardly noticeable at all. I hope that she’s merely considering only. Me, I will not go under the plastic surgeon’s knife unless I’m 100% sure what I’m getting into.

At least, there are websites like, that’ll provide us with plastic surgery information that’ll help us make informed decisions regarding any procedure that we might need. The material on this site was compiled by a prominent Beverly Hills plastic surgeon and offers the most current information available about both new and established plastic surgery techniques. The site includes details about procedures, recovery, expected results, and before and after photos. It is a great resource for people seeking to gain understanding of plastic surgery options.

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