Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pacifier safety

If your child uses a pacifier, here are some important points to note:

1) Wash it with soap and water or sterilise it at least once a day or everytime it gets dirty or falls on the floor.

2) Never tie a cord or a long ribbon to a pacifier and then put the cord around baby's neck or arm. Also never attach it to her crib with the cord or ribbon. She could get strangled.

3) Throw away a worn/torn pacifier. Or when it has holes, or missing bits. Replace it every two months or sooner if your baby sucks on it vigorously.

4) If your baby chews on his pacifier, give him a teething ring instead. A worn pacifier could get stuck in an infant's throat and chokes her.

5) Use only one-piece pacifiers that have a shield at the base of the nipple. Be sure that the shield has a hole on each side of the nipple for ventilation.

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