Wednesday, February 28, 2007

How to Look Like an Oscar Starlet


It simply goes without saying that nearly every woman who watches the Oscar has one thing in mind. And that, “How come I cannot look like them?”. Even though you may have tons of beautiful clothes stuffed in your wardrobe, it takes a lot lore than good fashion taste to look like an Oscar Starlet. Those beautiful bodies with plunging necklines, low-backed halters and OH MY GOD…. those long slim beautiful legs in heels. They just look gorgeous on screen.

Well, of course, you need some really good tips to really stand out from the crowd. There’s a good article on Belisi Blog: How to Look Like an Oscar Starlet, that details just how you can achieve those great celebrity looks in no time. Don’t keep staring at the tv, go glue yourself to the pc right now. Then, you’ll know what it takes to stand out!!

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