Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Doggy funstuff


My SIL was pretty upset when she heard that my MIL had given her old dog away a couple of months back. She called back to whine about it every week. We explained to her that Benjamine's very old and that we can no longer care for him. Since the Vet is willing to take him in, we feel that Ben's better off with him. Knowing that Ben's in good hands, she was relieved and the calls stopped, thank god.

Last week, SIL came back from USA with her new puppy. And OH MY GOD.... it was the most beautiful puppy we had ever seen. And you know what, it wore a coat. Can you believe it. I've never seen a dog wearing a coat before. It's the first time. SIL also brought back a few more dog coats for her puppy. Told us she got it all from an online petshop,

I've personally checked it out and it's true, they have almost everything for your dog. Dog beds, dog clothing, dog carriers, dog collars; the list is endless. Makes me want to rush off and get myself a pet dog right now. Too bad.... they dont ship to my country. But i can always get my SIL to send them back to me :)

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