Friday, January 05, 2007

Unique keepsakes of your children's hands and feet

Malcolm is growing up so fast. Tomorrow he'll turn 6 months old. Soon, he'll be crawlng all over the place. Everytime i look at him, i've always felt that it was just yesterday that i brought him home from the hospital. He was soooo tiny then; from head to toe. Tiny body, tiny hands, tiny feet, tiny bum..... and very very absolutely cute.

At the hospital, after my c-sect delivery, i insisted Malcolm be on my bed instead of the hospital cot. All i wanted to do then was to hug him, smell him, kiss him, nurse him and hold his tiny hands and feet. And believe you me when i say his hands and feet are tiny. He'll look at me with his teeny weeny fingers curled round my index finger, seeing my face for the first time in his life.

I'll always remember that moment. And though his hands may be tiny, Malcolm has firm grip. Doesnt want to let go of my finger. What if there's a way we can preserve those tiny hands of his forever. So that when i look back, i can see how much he has grown. That'll surely make an awesome keepsake. Then i found

They create unique keepsakes of your children's hands and feet impressions. The process is easy and painless. They begin with raw clay and a design of your choosing and then set to work (with the help of your little ones!) crafting a truly special piece of artwork that you will be able to hang on the wall and cherish for years to come.

All of their pieces are handmade and kiln fired twice with an array of special glazes applied to make sure that your piece takes on a truly unique look. Now that's what i want. Do check them out if you truly want a memorable keepsake of your darling baby.

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