Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Some of my Christmas presents

Some of my Christmas presents include lipsticks. Oh, not the organic types; those chemical formulas like what you see at departmental stores. Eh, not cheap you know. Somewhere around Rm80 each, branded sommore. I'll most likely recycle these as they make great birthday presents for a few upcoming birthdays. I'm using organic lipgloss, btw. Anyone interested in buying some? Organic lipsticks are available in Malaysia. I do sell them.

Next, i got some Spring Training tickets to the Cubs. Why would anyone gimme these? Hmmmm, hubby can have these instead. I'm sure he'd be delighted. Can very well take his buddies along. I'd rather stay home with the kids. I also received a few magazine subscriptions, these... i like. But, what i really like is to have some organic yarn. It's not available here in Malaysia. Who can send me some?

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