Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Las Vegas Season 4 is out

Have you ever been to Las Vegas for a holiday? The land of the "kaching-kaching sound of money". Well, if one loves the thrill and excitement of casino gambling, it's definitely a much better place to be than our Genting Highlands. I've been to Genting so many times. Given the chance, i dont mind going to Las Vegas for a change.

Funny how such a small piece of land right smack in the middle of the desert can have so many hotels sprouting up overnight. Wow, if i were to invest in some hot properties there, do you think i'll be rich overnight? But come to think of it, what can i do with the piece of land? Build some luxury condos? Or another hotel complete with casino.

And from what i heard, one can even get married overnight in Las Vegas. Sounds so easy.... feel like getting married at the spur of the moment, go take a flight to Las Vegas, book an appointment at a lil chapel, say your "I DOs" and VOILA..... you're officially married.

Apart from casino gambling, i can buy myself some Professional Bull Riders Finals tickets, and go watch some real action in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'll leave hubby at the casino and go ogle at some handsome hunks on those bulls. My... my, sure beats looking at cards and dices all day long. I wonder what it feels like riding on those bulls. Must be very very exciting.

On another note. Las Vegas Season 4 is out. Have you watched it? How did the previous season end? Ed got shot, right? Hmmmm.... gotta go check it out. I wanna watch Danny......

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