Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I've "re-claimed" my blog at Technorati

I thought i'll only get a reply from Technorati about a week later due to the New Year celebrations. But then, i got their reply today. Says that my blog is under "review". What the heck was that? Review what? What's there to review? But they say their spiders finally found my blog after they've made some adjustment to it and i can go and claim it again, and claim i did.

I think it's most likely due to the switchover to the new Blogger. So, those of you who've done the switchover recently, go check your Technorati and see if your pings/ranks/links/wateva are updated or not. And if they're not, drop them an email. Dont be itchy fingers like me and go delete your claimed blog. I'm sure they'll just do some adjustments over at their side without you having to "re-claim" it like i did.

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