Friday, December 22, 2006


My digital camera conked out on the day i went to deliver my 2nd son, Malcolm. I nearly missed out on my baby's first few days' moments. As soon as i came back to my room, i called my friend and she brought over her spare camera for me to use. That's what friends are for, right. Hugs to her. She took so many photos for me. Till now, i'm still using my friend's camera.

Coincidentially, the camera that my friend loaned me was a HP digital camera too. It may be on old one, but it takes beautiful pictures with natural colors. What i like most about the camera is that it's a snap to use. As i underwent caesarean section to have my baby taken out, i was pretty much immobilised for the first days in bed. My baby was in his cot by my bedside. So, all i can do was to hold the camera high up over him and snap, snap, snap.

And i was soooo happy that the pictures still turn out so beautiful and clear. I've been using it for 5 months now. It's time to return the camera back to my friend. I'll be without a camera once i've returned it to her. So, Ted..... *hint hint*, i know you have 10 HP cameras to giveaway. Send me 1.... send me 1..... send me 1....... I'm so used to using HP cameras now. I dont want another brand!!!!

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L B said...

Bling Bling Hand Phone!!!

L B said...

eh? Right?