Saturday, December 23, 2006

Balance Transfer bullshit

I was at MBF making my card repayment yesterday. It's one of the 2 which i cannot pay via Maybank2u. The other being Ambank. There was a flyer advertisig for Balance Transfer. I read it whilst waiting for my turn to pay. It says that for a minimum Balance Transfer of Rm5000, you'd get 29" flatscreen TV. No bluff-bluff wannn...

Of, course, there's always a catch. So, i looked for their terms and conditions. It says:

1) Interest rate of 1.5%/mth applies

2) Must maintain a minimum balance of Rm4500 in the account for a duration of 12 months.

Niasing, so i am not supposed to pay it off lah and let them charge me interest for it instead. Assuming interest rate for a 12 month period at 1.5% for Rm4500 will come to Rm67.50 X 12 = Rm810. Diuuu, i might as well go buy one new 29" tv, WTF!!! You do the math.

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