Thursday, December 07, 2006

Sincerely speaking

I havent pinged PPS much since i started writing paid posts. It's really not nice to flood PPS with those. So, i hope those who are writing will not do so. It's really annoying to keep reading the same thing over and over again, although in different versions/varients.

Moreover, all those extra traffic will not boost my pagerank. I'll have to work harder in that area. Coming up with quality posts is all that matters to me now. And i'm still trying my best in this area. Have to be more focused from now onwards. Perhaps you all can tell me what kind of topics interests you more? I can work on that on this blog.

For steamy stuffs (if any at all), you may find some if you hop over here instead (ads-free at this moment). But i dont mean you wont find it at MyOrganicLife, k. What i'm trying to say is i'm now juggling with two blogspots and a few new dot coms. And that's apart from hubby's business site which i'm involved in the background work also. And LOTS OF IT!!! Have to lah. This one's no childsplay.

If we're disciplined and try our best, i'm sure something good will come out of it. PERSEVERE!!!!!!!!!!

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