Thursday, December 07, 2006

Best Christmas of all

I'm gonna be really happy this Christmas. I'll start getting paid from PayPerPost starting 17th December. For a whole week till Christmas, i'll be accepting payment to my Paypal account day after day. And more to come thereafter. Isnt it a great feeling to wake up with money waiting in your account?

It really pays for businesses to advertise on blogs. Bloggers like us work hard churning out quality posts for them everyday. This is indeed the best thing that has happened this year. Of course, the ultimate satisfaction i get is from spending the money i earn form PayPerPost. Christmas dinner with a big fat turkey at the table. Presents for my hubby and 2 beautiful kids, friends and family members too. And of cos, something really special for myself. I deserve it!!

1 comment:

may said...

good for you!!

pssst... any pressie for me too? *wink wink!*