Thursday, December 21, 2006

Save more with 0% Balance Transfers

Are you like me? Someone who uses a separate credit card for various purposes? Like i use my Citibank strictly for business, Eon Bank for monthly recurring payments like phone bills and insurance, Standard Chartered for Balance Transfer and HSBC for shopping. For me, i have many cards and i feel that it's the best way for me to manage my own finances.

Apart from saving me time and not having to carry so much cash around, i really dont to worry about missed payments. This is especially true when the most important ones like insurance/ phone/electric bills are concerned. Not that i like driving out and lining up to make payments at a counter anyway. With a few different cards, you can at times save more on interest rates.

If you are one of those that carry a balance on your credit card statement every month, transfer the outstanding amout to a different card that offers 0% balance transfers. The money saved can be used to payoff the other cards. For more information on credit card news and credit card advice, visit

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PabloPabla said...

I put everything into my Citibank card to maximise points accumulation :)

Samm said...

ya, now i get extra 50% points with my citibank also. but u really wouldnt believe the number of cards that i have, lol.