Friday, December 22, 2006

Broken glass everywhere

I left Gordon in MIL's care as i had an appointment this evening. He was at the pc learning his ABC when hubby and i left the house. By the time we got back, MIL informed me that Gordon had broken something in the room. Said it sounded like glass to her.

When i entered my room, knn.... there was glass everywhere on the floor and carpet. I spent almost an hour cleaning the mess as it's really hard getting glass out from the carpet. I thought he broke my Lampe Berger diffuser. Thank god he only broke a bottle containing some dried lime which my dad made for my best friend. Lucky it's a small bottle.

At least he didnt cut himself. I didnt scold him. He's too young to understand and too inquisitive at this age. So, time to move all perishables from the chest top. Apart from that, there wasnt much damages to my things. If not, shopping will be the ultimate therapy. Aikks, no luck with that.

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