Sunday, December 10, 2006

PayPerPost Affiliate Program

As i logged on to PayPerPost today, i had a surprise. They've made some changes to the dashboard. The best part of all is that they've added an affiliate link for us to place in our blogs. Can you see it? It's the "Blue and Green that says Get Paid To Blog" square on my right sidebar. That's my referral link. You can sign up at Payperpost just by clicking on my referral link.

To date, i've already made about USD450 getting paid blogging. I will start seeing money in my paypal in 7 days time. This is really serious. Those interested should really hurry up and sign up with PayPerPost. Blogs that are hosted on are not able to do so. You have to get your own domain or blogspot. You should really maximise the potential of your blog. I'm sure no one will say no to a lil extra money in your piggybank, right.

Hurry up now. Click on the "Blue & Green" button and start earning now!! It's calling out for you "CLICK ME!!" "CLICK ME!!!"

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