Sunday, December 10, 2006

Give your children more vegetables and fruits

By going organic, it doesnt mean that you wont get sick. But your body, with less toxic contaminants to eliminate, will therefore be more efficient to heal itself when you are down with sickness. With a stronger immune system, you are less susceptible to coughs and colds and even if you are down with it, you can recover much faster.

My kids do come down with something once in a while. Like flu, Gordon recovers from it in about 2 days time. And he's still bright and cheery, playing happily even when he's sick. That's the difference when you have a strong immune system. Less junk food, more fruits and vegetables and wholefoods, will ensure that your child stays strong and healthy always.

I know its difficult getting kids to eat greens, but start them as young as possible and introduce a wide variety of vegetables in their diet. With so many different kinds of vegetables around us I'm sure there are some that your child will like. Just dont try and force-feed him. But do go slow with fruits as they are rather high in fructose (fruit sugar).


L B said...

After so many many many years only now you tell me!!! No wonder lah!

Zara's Mama said...

I exposed Zara to many types of vege when she was younger.
And she ate lots of them back then. Now, since she can exert her choices, she's saying NO to greens.. *sigh*.