Monday, December 11, 2006

Mystery of the Missing Cars

Gordon's bugging me to find his cars. He wants them back. Niasing, that sijaipao (lil rascal), dunno where he put them, now he wants me to hunt high and low for them. Keep dragging me away from my chair and giving me that sulky look, complete with Donald Duck's mouth.

Aiyo, mommies out there. Have you ever been in this predicament before. Oh, please, gimme a clue where they can be. I really do get pretty worked up when i find that Gordon's toys are missing and he wants them back. His cousins havent been over lately. So, it's not them. Moreover, how are they ever gonna smuggle all 25 cars away back home without their parents noticing, right. Damn blardy mm-kam-yuen now....


may said...

seriously none to be found till now? the easiest way out would be to buy him a few new ones, and then go looking for those too, in a day or so... LOL!!

sweetpea said...

if it's in the room, try the bags, etc. in your cupboard? maybe even shoes, underneath mattress, or right at the 'kok lok tau' of it in between the bed and wall. i'll look for funny spots. kids are very imaginative. in the lego box which he may have been neglecting for a while perhaps? in drawers outside your room?
good luck!