Monday, December 11, 2006

Another Credit Card?

We took the kids out shopping last night. After food and a lengthy business discussion with a friend, we went to Parkson. He met up with another friend and had a chat at Starbucks, whilst i waited like a dungu.... wait, wait, wait.... until both kids also squirming in their strollers already. How to sit still, so much attraction.

After that, we took a walk to the departmental store located at the other end of the complex. We were pounced on almost immediately when we're at the first corner. None other than those credit card kiosks. A tall fler jumped out of no where and shoved an application form into hubby's face, telling him that this is the only credit card that he should own, yadda, yadda, yadda. We gave him a polite "no", but he just went on and on and on non-stop.

Less than 10 meters down the row of shops, another one pounced on us. Must be his collegue this time. With the same fast-paced pushy kinda sales-talk. We just swerved past him. Sorry, but i will never sign up for a credit card this way. Whatever happened to good customer service?

If i want a card, i'd go straight to the bank. Or maybe at a site like UK credit cards. I can read up on which card is right for me, make some comparison, what are interest free cards , or calculate how much interest i can save if i wish to take up a Balance Transfer. I dont care about those freebies that comes with the card. I want savings. Not more debts.


Anonymous said...

Easy. Just tell them you'd be happy to get a credit card - is it ok if you're a bankrupt?

Samm said...

i know what. next time, whn i've got the time and in the mood. i'll apply for all their cards, let him fill in the forms, then provide him a copy of my sup card. that would certainly freak him out. hahaha, me wicked....