Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Mystery of the Missing Cars - SOLVED!!!

You would never believe where i found them. Actually, i gave up hope of ever finding any of them. I thought i'lljust take him out this evening and get him another new batch, just to get him off my back. You know, kids can be really really persistent where their properties are concerned. And guess where they were parked all along?????

My lil rascal's been sliding my belt into the inner sides of the playpen. Pulling my belt up and down the sides. It fell inside and he wailed. It's my belt, so i got up and slid my hand down to the base to pick it up. And i got more than my belt. He threw all his cars into the base, nmfl. Maybe he's trying to get his cars out from the base of the playpen with my belt. Clever?? Yes, that's where all his 25 cars were "parked" for days. Who could have imagined that? It's all on the playpen's base beneath the bassinet..... I%&^#%$@&$*&


L B said...

At least they were not all at the MBI compound! That was certainly a mystery.. finally over!! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Good for you, I'm yet to find my boy's favourite car!

may said...

hahaha! mystery solved, at least! and saved you some $$ from buying him more cars. beepbeep!

Samm said...

lb - phew, save me $$$$, sanity restored

shoppingmum - good luck, try isabelles's bed, lol

may - ya, man... can go stuff my face with more cheese cakes now