Thursday, December 28, 2006

Malcolm & Yuan-yuan

Meet Yuan-yuan. He's Malcolm's & Gordon's cousin & Hubby's younger brother's son. His due date was supposed to be 10 days earlier than Malcolm's (26 July 2006). But then, he decided that mommy's tummy is more comfortable and overstayed for another 10 days; until his mom beh tahan liao, had him taken out via c-sect. On the other hand, Malcolm's mommy (me), itchy backside, went and have him taken out on 6th July 2006.

See the difference in size. Geng-chau or not. Malcolm's birth-weight was 6lbs whereas Yuan-yuan's 8lb+. He's a real handful. And i thought my Malcolm is demanding. I'd better not complain so much afterall, lol. Oh, i miss him already. Must bug BIL to bring him back more often. The week he was here, it's just like taking care of twins. Wow, not easy, man. I really salute those mommies with twins, triplets, quadruplets...... yikes!!!!

Yuan-yuan (L) & Malcolm (R) watching Barney VCD in bed

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