Sunday, December 31, 2006

I cant "re-claim" my blog

Me, itchy backside fingers, deleted my claimed "myorganiclife" blog at technorati. Why? Because i found that my pings arent working and i kept getting some Huh? message when i check on my links. I tried to claim it once more but cannot. So, i thought i'd delete it and do another claim. But, still unsuccessful.

Is this due to my recent switchover to the new blogger? Sei lah.... liddat. I'm using Firefox browser. Where do i "View Source" for my "myorganiclife" blog from the browser? Anyone experiencing the same thing after the switchover? How depressing.... i really hate changes.

I've sent an email to Technorati, but i guess i wont get a reply for another week or so. Oh, make that next year....


L B said...

Sorry, no can help.. :-(
Get Apple, then can.. LOL!

Adam said...

Sorry to hear about that. In Firefox, under 'View' click 'Page source'.

I haven't received the invitation to change to the new Blogger as yet. I guess, I have too many posts. So my blog is still ok.

Just discovered your blog. Some nice topics. Happy New Year.

Samm said...

lb, mmmmmmm

adam - thx. do u need an invitation to switchover? tot u can do that via the dashboard? no? neway, it's kautim now.