Wednesday, December 06, 2006

How to increase link popularity

Link popularity plays a key role in the Google algorithm. It ultimately decides how your site is ranked in search engine results according to popular keywords. Every webmaster knows the implications of scoring highly with search engines, the result could be colossal traffic.

Google looks at how many links are pointing to your website from others. If you can get other sites to link to yours, your pagerank will increase. The main methods to increase link popularity are press releases, purchasing links, reciprocal linking, and link baiting. Blogs have many advantages. They are filled with lots of valuable content, which the search engines crave and they also link to other websites that they talk about within their posts. program with its' network of more than 2000 blogs, plays a major role in helping sites improve their link popularity. The way the system works is that a press release is distributed to the blogs and the bloggers blog on it with their own words.

What is equally amazing about the program is it's affordable especially when you consider that you will always recover your costs many times over when you start ranking highly with search engines. You will then end up with huge traffic from the search engines. Please visit to learn more about this service and how you can finally achieve the top search engine rankings that you never thought was possible.

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