Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Going on a vacation?

IBS#3 and family just came back from a 10days holiday down south to Australia. She purposely came over with tons of pics to show off *rolls eyes*. Insist i must go through each and every one of her albums. Eh, harlow.... never heard of cd-writer meh? Cannot just burn one and leave it with me meh?

Ok, it's Christmas, a time to share. So, i shared my time with her; sitting on the bed like a dungu and listening to her detailed explanation on where they went, who they met, how the people were like, the plane, the scenery, the, blah, the blah, and more blah, blah, blah. I was nice throughout. I mean, of course, good mood mah.

She went on and on and on. But dont you think that it's only exciting to the person who actually went on the trip, not the one who's listening to her replay of it. Flipping through the albums also reminded me of the times i went on holidays with hubby. Those were the childfree-days. Make Hotel Reservations, buy our tickets and that's it. Now, with two kids, we cant just pack our bags and head to the airport, off to wherever we want.

We have to search for hotels that's children friendly. With lots of activities to keep my 3 yr old toddler busy and entertained at the same time. Thanks to the internet, we can do so at the comfort of our home without going to the travel agency for good deals. I found that hotelreservations.com has an extensive database of hotels for us to choose from. With competitive rates and great discounts too on worldwide destinations.

Well, maybe i should bug hubby to take us for a 1mth vacation after Chinese New Year. I know he'll be free then.

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